This Brazilian owned company was created by two friends with the passion for wellness and ease along with an abundance of flavors in the food industry.

The man behind the brilliant food is Chef Gute, studying cooking in the gastronomic schools of Paris, he was able to develop the skills in which grew him to be a well-known chef in Brazil. After having a successful career in the country he was born in, he was ready to venture out and take on the vibrant city of Miami in 2016. With over twenty years of extravagant cooking experience, Chef Gute is ready to bring you his delicious recipes with the help of his wellness focused partner Regina Gusmão.

Regina is a certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher with a passion for wholesome nutrition. With a history of entrepreneurship and a lot of experience working on the financial end of the corporate world, Regina took her passion of living a healthy and balanced life and combined it with her business experience to help make this dream come to life. The goal of House of Flavors to integrate Chef Gute’s skill of creating fantastically tasting food with Regina’s knowledge of healthy nutrition and business background to provide customers with weekly ready-to-go meal prep along with their catering service that adds the ultimate elegance to any catering event.

This company’s main purpose is to provide delicious healthy food to you with the most ease and convenience so that all you and your family has to worry about is coming together and enjoying amazing meals!

Ellen Jannuzzi is a dietitian with a passion for health and wellness. She graduated from the University Methodist of Piracicaba, Brazil with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has been living in USA for 13 years and now a days she holds certifications as a Clinical, Carb Count and Sports Nutrition.

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