4 Quiches Loraine e Frango – KETO


– 4 Quiches Loraine e Frango

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– 4 Quiches Loraine e Frango

Keto diet is a low-carb diet that results in ketosis. To achieve positive results, this diet has to be very low in carbohydrates, high in dietary fat and include a moderate amount of proteins.

In short, this diet involves depleting your body of carbs and forcing it to break down fat for energy.

Our keto menu is authorized by our dietitian Ellen Jannuzzi. All meals are made with fresh ingredients and abundance of flavors for you to enjoy!

** The Keto menu includes lunch and dinner options

*** All orders must be placed by Saturday at 8pm

**** We deliver to your door every Monday from 11AM to 4PM